Easy Tips To Healthy Eating For Chinese New Year

These 3 simple tips will have you all geared up for a great time this Chinese New Year while you maintain a healthy and safe diet

1. Snack in Moderation

From pineapple tarts to bak kwa being plated out in a constant flow, it will be no doubt close to impossible to steer clear of these yummy Chinese New Year goodies. Try to limit your snacking to just 1 or 2 pieces per snack. Take smaller bites into your snack so that it lasts a little longer. Another way to snack less is to ‘talk more’. If you are interacting with the party, chances are you are too distracted to pay attention to the snacking table. Don’t forget to still keep to your balanced diet of fibres, proteins and vitamins. Those New Year goodies should never replace a proper meal.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Remember to keep yourself well hydrated to keep your body at a constant temperature and your energy levels up. Water is certainly the best option for fluids, so try to avoid canned or fizzy drinks, which are typically artificially sweetened. Do not overdo on the mandarin oranges too, as too much of its citrus juices can sometimes cause heartburn.

3. Cook Your Food

Lastly, be careful when taking hot pot/steamboat meals. As raw poultry and other meats are commonly consumed in steamboat, do ensure your portions are properly cooked before eating. The soup stock should also be brought to a boil each time fresh ingredients have been put into the pot.