Family Medicine

Dr John Cheng Clinic

Primary healthcare is the core of healthcare services in Singapore. At Healthway Medical, we believe in providing holistic medical care for all our patients. We offer a comprehensive range of primary healthcare services through our clinics located across Singapore.

With dedicated doctors, nurses and clinic staff, you will get the highest quality of consultation, treatment and management for all of your primary healthcare needs. Our physicians are trained to manage the various aspects of the multiple medical conditions in integration and to look into the psychological well being, social support, home environment, life-style factors amongst other things to improve the patient’s condition.

Our family medicine practice will manage your basic health ailments like coughs and colds and our integrated network offers a wide spectrum of other services including chronic care management, vaccinations, health screening services, vocational medical checkups, travel health services, house calls, radiological and laboratory services.

Health screening is highly essential for the early detection of diseases and conditions that cause disability and death. The lifestyle and stress of modern living can have an adverse impact on our health and hence health screening is vital as it detects diseases which do not produce early warning signs. Early detection allows for timely preventive and corrective measures to be implemented appropriately.

We offer a diverse range of health screening packages which caters tour clients with differing demographics and needs at extremely attractive prices. Our Healthway Medical clinics are conveniently located near the train stations and major housing estates, thus offering convenience and accessibility to professional medical care for the whole population. With a full range of medical and diagnostic services, we are able to meet your every medical needs.

Our care and dedication to our patients are both dedicated and unwavering and we are committed to providing the best possible outcome for all our patients. After all, a Healthway Medical Family Physician is part of family.