Nobel Surgery Centre provides a wide range of surgical services including gastrointestinal, laparoscopic and colorectal surgery. It is conveniently situated at Mt Alvernia Medical Centre to deliver accessible and affordable general surgery services.

Dr Leong Quor Meng is the resident general surgeon. He is an experienced endoscopist and is accredited to train advanced surgical trainees in endoscopy. He is trained in performing diagnostic and therapeutic scopes for elective and emergency surgical conditions. He performs direct access colonoscopies and oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopies for patients.

Nobel Surgery Centre has also identified the prevention of colon cancer (the most common killer cancer in Singapore) as an important community mission and will implement various programs to support this.

Our Services

  • Abdominal Symptom evaluation
  • Gastroscopy, colonoscopy
  • Management of gallstone disease
  • Hernia repair
  • Small bowel, large bowel surgery including colon cancer resection
  • Anorectal diseases – Piles, fissures, fistula-in-ano
  • Management of stomach cancer & peptic ulcer diseases
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopic surgery
  • Haemorrhoid surgery including stapled haemorrhoidectomy
  • Skin lumps and bumps

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