Travel Vaccination

Stay Healthy throughout your Holidays

Planning to travel during the year end holiday season? Don’t let the flu dampen your mood!
If you are heading for the ski slopes, planning a trip to catch the Northern Lights or just about anywhere in the northern hemisphere, one definite way to ward off the winter blues is to get yourself protected against influenza.

Get a flu jab before you go! The Influenza vaccine has an efficacy of 70-90% and lasts up to a year. Senior citizens (aged over 65) should consider getting a Pneumococcal vaccine as well.

Note: Not every sniffle is caused by influenza. If you catch a cold (caused by rhinovirus), your nose and ear passages can get pretty blocked up. Flying with congested nose and ear passages will cause pain and discomfort during aircraft descent. To reduce discomfort and even the risk of popping your eardrums, having a decongestant ready for the flight can help.

There are 3 types of seasonal influenza viruses. They are generally transmitted from person to person through the air. Type A & B often lead to increased rates in hospitalization and death. Type C usually cause very mild respiratory illness.

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