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Vista Medical Claims Administration

VISTA Medicare specialises in the development of Managed Health Plan, products as well as Corporate Medical Claims Administration for corporate companies/organisations and insurance companies. We count among our clients many MNCs, government ministries and departments, local SMEs as well as large insurance companies.

VISTA has its own panels of GP clinics (210) and Specialist clinics (102) located island wide, including GP clinics located at Johor Bahru (Malaysia).

VISTA can assist your organisation in managing and reducing your healthcare costs in the provision of employee medical benefits without compromising on the delivery and the quality of medical services by either through a 'Managed Health Plan' or the provision of ‘Medical Claims Administration’ services (at no charge)

The benefits of ‘Medical Claims Administration’ Services are namely;

a)     The provision of a GP clinic Panel of 210 clinics and a Specialist Clinic Panel of 102 clinics (if applicable)
b)     The ability to provide cashless service when your employees visit the panel clinics
c)      Reduces and remove all admin work related to medical claims reimbursement at your HR Department
d)     Ability to provide relevant management reports of employee visits to clinics.
e)     Reduces the cost of medical consultation and drug prices when employees visit the clinics

The benefits of a 'VISTA Managed Health Plan' amongst others are as follows;

a) Reduce cost of provision of medical health benefits to employees
b) Reduce work load of HR practitioners
c) Better quality of care at more clinic location.

If you are interested to know more, please email Mr Tham Chee Kai at or email Mr Kelvin Chen at You may also wish to call us at +65 6518 0160