88.3Jia FM: Dr Teo Cheng Rong – The Dangers of Dietary Supplements

Dr Teo spoke about the different side-effects of consuming too much of certain vitamins, such as Vitamins C, A, and E, as well as energy drinks such as Red Bull. He cited side-effects such as hand tremors, anxiousness, and increased heart rate due to the caffeine content, and also discussed the high sugar content in such drinks and how this could lead to chronic conditions such as obesity or diabetes. He touched on the difference between energy drinks and isotonic drinks, but emphasised that consuming a high volume of isotonic drinks can also lead to mild side-effects. He reminded listeners that moderation is key, and to understand one’s own needs based on their age, fitness level, etc. He advised listeners to consult their doctors if they are unsure whether they should take certain dietary supplements.

Listen to the broadcast recording here!