Capital 95.8FM: Dr Leslie Ng – Scoliosis

Dr Leslie Ng was interviewed on Capital 95.8, and spoke about scoliosis, the common misconceptions associated with the condition, and tips on how to manage the condition. He explained that most individuals will see minor curvature in their spine, and should not worry too much that their spines are not entirely straight. He highlighted that only curvature of more than 20 degrees is considered a medical condition. He explained that symptoms commonly appear in adolescents, from 10-15 years of age, and are more prevalent in females. Occurrence in young children is far more rare. The elderly are also susceptible to the condition, as their bone health and density deteriorates over time. However, he reassured listeners that although many individuals may suffer from scoliosis, only a small percentage will ever require surgery. In helping patients manage their symptoms, Dr Leslie Ng states that it’s very important to first understand their lifestyle habits and make appropriate changes. For instance, he shared an anecdote about a patient and his poor posture from constantly being stooped over his phone. He also stated that sitting upright, working on your core strength, and not leaning against a back rest is also better for your spinal health.

Listen to the interview here!