CNA938 Health Matters: Consumption of Red Meats – Ms Suzanne Khor

Ms Suzanne Khor, Principal Dietician, Healthway Medical Group shares about how red meats contain many healthy nutrients and can form part of a healthy diet. However, excessive intake of red meat can potentially lead to cancer, obesity and other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart diseases. Ms Khor cited statistics from the American Institute for Cancer Research where it is recommended that individuals do not consume more than three servings of fresh red meat in a week, describing each serving of red meat as an approximate palm-sized. She also shared several examples of red meat which include pork, venison and lamb, differentiating these from white meats such as chicken and turkey. In addition, Ms Khor also encouraged listeners to limit their consumption of processed meats such as luncheon meats, ham, salami, especially since these types of meats are usually served during the festive season. Summing up the interview, Ms Khor advised listeners to opt for healthier cooking methods such as stir-frying or roasting their meats instead of deep-frying, as well as to use healthier types of oil that contain lower saturated fat content. Finally, Ms Khor also encouraged listeners to opt for meat replacement products such as plant-based meats, or protein replacements such as tofu and tempeh.

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ms suzanne khor paediatric dietitian
Ms Suzanne Khor
Pricipal Dietitian
SBCC Baby & Child Clinic (Asthma, Lung, Sleep, Allergy & Paediatric Centre)
Nobel Gastroenterology Centre (Gleneagles Medical Centre)
Nobel Gastroenterology Centre (Mount Elizabeth Novena)

Our Specialist
Suzanne Khor has been practising as a clinical dietician for the past 18 years. She obtained her postgraduate degree (Masters of Health Science Education) from the University of Sydney Australia. Her special interests are nutrition in feeding difficulties, diet therapy for neurological disorders, eating disorders and weight management.