Dr Leslie Ng is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon with sub-specialty in the treatment of the knee, spine, neck and back.

He graduated from the University of London, UK in 1998, and was the earliest Asian trainee accepted in the 2-year spine surgery national fellowship training programme in England. He practised at the Centre for Spine Studies and Surgery at Queens Medical Centre, University Teaching Hospital of Nottingham, where he focused on developing spine surgical techniques for complex spine deformity and pathologies. He was also the first asian trainee to be accepted in a pioneer two-year spine surgery national fellowship training programme in England.

Dr Ng treats a range of conditions including adolescent idiopathic scoliosis correction, degenerative joint conditions, robotic and O-arm computer spine surgery, slipped disc and spinal stenosis surgery, and spine fractures and cancer.


“Experienced in practice, decisive in life, precision in surgery.”

Dr Ng is extremely passionate about treating degenerative spine disease and pioneering the use of third generation minimally invasive treatment of osteoporosis vertebra fracture with the miniature titanium implant. He is also the US-authorized user of lateral access spine surgery and has conceptualized the technique of spinal canal ‘indirect decompression.’ This is the first time that lumbar inter-body fusion can be done with decompression of the spinal canal with total facet preservation, unlike the standard technique of transforaminal inter-body fusion technique which requires removal of facet joints.

Dr Ng is also at the forefront of spine surgery and is well versed in using sophisticated technologies to make the procedure safe and cost-effective. This involves the use of ultrasonic bone scalpel rather than conventional bone cutter that may risk the nerve or spinal cord; deploying real-time nerve root monitoring devices during spine surgery to ensure prevent nerve injury and computer navigation for pedicle screw insertion whenever necessary for complex spine cases.

He has gained extensive expertise in evidence-based interventional pain procedures for the treatment of chronic neck and back pain, including the latest generation of nucleoplasty ‘Disc –Fx’ system for degenerative intervertebral disc disorder.

Dr Ng is actively involved in teaching medical students and young doctors. He holds the position as Adjunct Assistance Professor at National University Hospital. He is also the Director of Spine fellowship programme and regularly mentors advance trainee from South East Asia. He is strongly engaged with International Spine Surgeon Community and is a member of Society for Lateral Access Surgery, AO International Spine, British Association of Spine Surgeon and World Spine Column Society.

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