Healthier Meal Choices For Kids: What Did You Eat For Recess Today?

Eating healthy food is important especially for kids at school. Many studies have found links between breakfast consumption and cognitive function and performance in school-going children. In one study (Cooper, 2011), breakfast consumption produced higher self-report energy and fullness, lower self-report of tiredness and hunger and higher blood glucose concentrations.

children eating during recess

Here are some healthier meal choices you can encourage your child to eat at school recess time.

meat with rice healthier meal for children

spaghetti healthier meal for children

soy milk healthier meal for children

fishball noodle healthier meal for children

chicken rice healthier meal choice for kids

chicken bao healthier meal choices for kids

Ms Suzanne Khor
Principal Dietitian
SBCC Baby & Child Clinic (Asthma, Lung, Sleep, Allergy & Paediatric Centre)
Nobel Gastroenterology Centre (Gleneagles Medical Centre)
Nobel Gastroenterology Centre (Mount Elizabeth Novena)


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Suzanne Khor has been practising as a clinical dietician for the past 18 years. She obtained her postgraduate degree (Masters of Health Science Education) from the University of Sydney Australia. Her special interests are nutrition in feeding difficulties, diet therapy for neurological disorders, eating disorders and weight management.

Article originally posted at: The New Age Parents