Helping your kids to eat healthy during the holidays

The end of the year is a festive period as well as the school holidays – this gives your little ones the time and opportunity to go overboard with the snacking and eating!

Here are a few tips that parents can use to keep your kids from practising unhealthy eating habits or overeating during this period – with the key being balance and moderation!

Control their intake

  • Set limits for your kids. If they want cookies, take out a few and put them in a bowl and keep the rest away, rather than eating straight out of the bag.
  • Limit the amount of sweet drinks they consume, e.g. packet drinks, punch, soft drinks. Added sugar in these drinks can lead to cavities, obesity, diabetes, and even heart disease. If water is too “boring”, you can try fruit-infused water to give a little extra flavour without extra sugar.

Sharing is Caring

  • If you’re at a family gathering or party, and your kids are scrambling for cake or other sugary treats – get your kids to share one portion with friends or siblings. This way, they get to enjoy the yummy food but also consume less sugar or fat by sharing the portion.

Keep Moving

  • Don’t let them become couch potatoes! Get out of the house and do activities together as a family, even if it’s just walking to the playground or cycling in the void deck. Exercise helps to burn off extra energy that could come from over-indulging in sugary snacks.