Let’s Welcome Ascension Therapy Group!


?We are very excited to announce the newest addition to our family, Ascension Therapy Group!?

Consisting of the Amazing Speech Therapy, HeadStart for Life and TeleHope Speech Therapy, Ascension Therapy Group brings with them a vast range of therapy and intervention support for paediatric and adult clients, including:

• Speech Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Educational Therapy
• Play Therapy
• Early Intervention Programme
• School Readiness Programme
• Stroke Rehabilitation Programme

Please join us in welcoming and supporting them at Healthway Medical!

Learn more about them:
Amazing Speech Therapy: https://amazingspeechtherapy.sg
HeadStart for Life: https://www.headstartforlife.com.sg/
TeleHope Speech Therapy: https://telehope.sg/