Lianhe Zaobao: Dr Penny Tok – Ways to manage your child’s emotions during the pandemic

Lianhe Zaobao interviewed Dr Penny Tok, Child Psychologist at SBCC Child Development (A member of Healthway Medical Group) on how parents can alleviate the anxiety of their children at home, during this circuit breaker period.

Dr Penny shared that as children have to stay at home during this period, they will inevitably feel more irritable, thus parents should give their children the space and opportunity to engage in creative activities at home.
With the circuit breaker measures being extended, children have had to stay home for nearly two months without being able to go out and play. With less opportunities to venture outdoors and engage in activities that they are used to, children may start to feel crowded and frustrated. One suggestion was that that parents can encourage building in quiet times during the day so that each person (parents included) can get their own time and space to do their own thing.

For example, each person can have a specific room or corner of the house as their own personal space.
In addition to suggesting activities such as watching live feed from zoos around the world, Dr Penny encouraged parents to get their children to start a “Circuit Breaker Diary” to draw activities they did during the day and also write or draw how they felt. She added that this would help them communicate how they feel and also gives parents a better understanding of their mental health.