GP Bulletin – A Newsletter for GPs by Healthway Medical

“GP BULLETIN – A NEWSLETTER FOR GPs BY HEALTHWAY MEDICAL” is a newsletter that provides you a quick snapshot of the keypoints to Healthway Medical’s webinar series that you might have missed or as a refresher for those of you whom have attended!
In this 1st edition, there will be two topics for your read:
i. FIBROIDS & ENDOMETRIOSIS: FOCUS ON FIBROIDS by Dr Ng Ying Woo (Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, SBCC Women’s Clinic)

ii. OVERCOMING URINARY INCONTINENCE by Dr Shirley Bang (Specialist Urologist, Advanced Urology Associates Pte Ltd)

Click the link below now to access the 1st edition of the newsletter.

GP Bulletin – Newsletter