Which Health Screening should you get?

Recommended health screenings for different ages

Why is health screening important for everyone?

As early detection leads to more effective treatment, it is important to go for regular health screening, even if you feel fine. Through checkups, potential health problems can be identified and managed before they become critical.

At different stages of our lives however, there are different health concerns to look out for and therefore, it is essential to get the relevant screenings according to your age.

As we age, there is a higher risk of potential health issues, so be sure to keep up with regular health screenings, especially in your 40s and beyond. 

In this blog, we will cover about the health screenings suitable for the different age groups, as well as the process of health screening and you should get your health screening done at Healthway Screening Centres.

Which health screenings should you get when you are in your 20s to 30s?

If you’re in your 20s to 30s, it’s best to get yearly cardiovascular risks screening if you have risk factors like family history and others. For ladies, it is advisable to get a PAP smear every 3 years.

Even though you are young and there seems to be no health issues, it is still important to go for health screenings, especially if you have a family history of diseases and to detect “silent” medical conditions.

Which health screenings should you get when you are in your 40s?

In your 40s, get a yearly cardiovascular screening and specific cancer screening if there’s family history of cancer. For women, it is recommended to get a HPV screening every 5 years.

In your 40s, you will feel more easily fatigued and start to feel body aches and pains. Some women may also experience menopause and hormonal changes. As health issues increase as we age, regular health screenings are necessary to spot early signs of trouble.

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Which health screenings should you get when you are in your 50s?

In your 50s, you should get the same screenings as your 40s, while getting additional health checkups such as a yearly colorectal cancer screening, as well as a colonoscopy every 10 years. For females, it is recommended to have a mammogram every 2 years and HPV screening every 5 years.

Other than the obvious signs that your body feels weaker and have lower immunity, don’t ignore the silent changes of the ageing process, such as the increased risk of heart diseases, as well as increased risk of cancer, diabetes and other conditions. It is important to prioritise health screenings for early detection of health issues. 

Which health screenings should you get when you are in your 60s?

In your 60s, it is recommended to take a bone mineral density scan every 2 years, colorectal cancer screening year year, colonoscopy every 10 years, as well as yearly cardiovascular screening as well as other specific cancer screening.

For females, it is recommended to take HPV screening every 5 years and have a mammogram every 2 years. For males, it is recommended to go for prostate cancer screening. 

In your 60s, you may feel that your joints become stiffer and less flexible, and experience body aches and pains. With a weaker immunity, you’ll also be more vulnerable to illnesses and diseases. Regular health checkups are useful in detecting health abnormalities early.

What can you expect during a health screening?

Upon entering the centre, our friendly staff will greet you and escort you to a health screening suite. Once you are comfortably settled in, a guest experience officer will guide you through registration, using our convenient iPads and wireless system. Following this, they will explain the screening process that you will be going through, and what to expect throughout your visit.

Specialised healthcare professionals will then visit you in the comfort of your suite, for the preliminary tests before your consultation.

Once the fasting tests are completed, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and drinks served directly to you.

The guest experience officers will escort you to the different clinical examinations and selected tests. You can relax and wait comfortably in your suite while waiting. Experienced doctors and nurses will administer each test, for a holistic health screening experience.

Healthway Medical aims to make your health screening experience a smooth and pleasant one. To ensure that you are well-prepared, please see below for health screening preparations and what you can expect pre-, during- and post-screening.

Why should you get your health screening done at Healthway Screening Centres?

At Healthway Screening centres, we believe that getting a medical check-up can be a comfortable and seamless experience. Our centres feature health screening pods that offer patients privacy and comfort, as they undergo their medical check-ups conveniently in a single location.

With a comprehensive range of health screening packages available at Healthway Screening Centres, you’ll find one that meets your needs.