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Corporate Program

Healthway Medical Group is a leading corporate medical service provider in Singapore. Since 1990, we have grown to become the preferred provider of more than 1,200 clients.

Our diverse clientele ranges from multinational corporations, government organizations, to local public-listed and private companies.

Every client has an account manager from our Corporate Sales & Institutions team. The account manager engages our client from the point of initial contact to building a close and long-term partnership.
We understand that our clients have diverse and changing needs. Our close partnerships facilitate Healthway in customising our services to meet our clients’ needs in a cost-effective manner. And they enjoy easy access to a spectrum of health services at our integrated network of 100 clinics.

Our medical solutions are provided on cost models that include the following:

Fee for Service Model for Outpatient Medical Service

In this cost model, our clients are charged a corporate rate for consultation fees. Medicine is charged as prescribed by our Doctors.

A benefit of this costing model is that our corporate clients can convert medical budgets that are unutilized, into incentives for their employees for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Retainer Fee Model for In-house Clinics and Medical Projects

In this cost model, our clients are charged a fixed monthly fee for provision of medical staff for in-house clinics. A fixed fee model also applies to medical projects that are customised for clients with specific needs.

A feature of this model is that clients can contain their costs for medical projects that are significant in scale and expenditure.